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Totally Dublin

"There is a sheer joy in photographing bands, being in the pit, catching the moments which define the sound, sweat and madness of it all, and which is captured by Irish Photographer Gregory Nolan in this exhibition.

Nolan was there in London in the mid-noughties documenting a somewhat Halcyon time for the scene as the likes of the Libertines, Amy Winehouse and countless others brought the talent and swagger. Just like youth, it proved fleeting. These are the visual trappings of that sonic gold."


Frank Turner

"Greg was absolutely integral to the indie scene in London in its halcyon days, where I started out as a musician and met most of my closest friends. The shots in the show capture the spirit and energy of that unique moment in history perfectly; looking through them took me back there vividly." - Frank Turner.


Dan Wilson.

"These fleeting moments of euphoria, abandon and hedonism would be lost to memory if it wasn't for people like Greg. He captured the spirit of those nights perfectly and he was one of the gang. His photographs really capture a moment in time when anything felt possible and he was always there in the right place at the right time." - Dan Wilson, Black Wire.


Bryn Fowler.

"Greg was a fixture of the scene from the start and provided us with some very cherished photos from the time. As we grew and the scene with it Greg's photos became an essential record of some of the best nights of our lives." Bryn Fowler, The Holloways.

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